Who we are

The world is full of "web site people." Many of them have solid credentials. Everyone looks the same. What makes anyone different?

The first dotcom boom featured a frenzied flowering of Internet-based companies, with lots and lots of flashy designs. While it's certainly true that this made for a world where only the fittest survived, the underlying lesson was remarkably simple: the web is a new business medium, not a new universe. The immediate ecosystem may be more technical, but the laws of physics — and what has always been good business sense — still apply.

  • We are business people first — not solely artists or designers. Our approach is pragmatic, and our methodologies proven

  • Our designs can match anyone's, but we don't start building them until we fully understand your business goals

  • We believe that a dazzling storefront has value only if it's practical and economical to maintain

  • We rail against gratuitous use of technologies. Would you use a helicopter to pick up a gallon of milk?

  • We don't artificially inflate project scope, issue you web server space as a reseller, or take any other measures to shackle you to our services... our clients always retain full control, and full ownership of all work we create for them

When was the last time you heard a web consulting company say anything like this?