When we can help

When we're asked "when," the question is typically raised in one of two different ways:

A) Time frames in which we can help

Time frames should be negotiable. Generally, the more complex a project, the more time it requires to complete. Time frames are also impacted by the number of review cycles that certain work will need. We can typically handle smaller requests very rapidly. Full web sites and redesigns usually need more formal scheduling.

In either case, most aspects of project delivery are flexible to meet our clients' needs.

B) Situations

Did you have a great person maintaining your web site — before they joined the Peace Corps, moved to Sudan, and were no longer able to assist you?

We excel at rescuing web site owners from difficult situations. In many cases, we can assume the role of your previous web guru — without pressuring you to upgrade services or increase costs.

Did you set up a web site yourself using a popular hosting provider and an "easy build" template — and now find that your site looks like it uses a generic template?

We can build you a truly unique design, yet keep the update process easy.

Do you know you need a web site, but find you have no idea where to start?

We can guide you through the process, from brainstorming to delivery, without pressure.

Does your web content change frequently?

Depending on your needs, budget, and technical knowledge, there are a variety of ways we can enable you to make some or all of the updates on your own.

We serve a full spectrum of needs... So don't worry if your unique situation isn't listed here. To discuss your needs and ideas, contact us today.